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Croatian air carrier FlyAir41 has received its third aircraft

Written by: Jan Kotek.

© FlyAir41
FlyAir41 Airbus A320

New Croatian air carrier FlyAir41, officialy named as Air41 Airways, has started with flight operations in August this year. This company is a sister air carrirer of Sundair (SR/SDR) from Germany. On Friday November 19th they taken up their third aircraft. All three planes were checked and prepared for delivery by tehnical services of Croatia Airlines in Zagreb.

The first aircraft was Airbus A319 with 9A-BER registration. It was bulit in 2009 for German air carrier Hamburg International (4R/HHI), and it was operated there with D-AHIQ registation. Later it was operated as SX-OAG for Greek air carrier Olympic Air (OA/OAL)A5-RGI for Bhutanese flag air carrier Druk Air (KB/DRK)D-ASTR for Germania (ST/GMI)LY-JAI for Lithuanian air carrier GetJet Airlines (GW/GJT) and D-ASMI for Sundair (SR/SDR). On August 20th it was taken up by FlyAir41 and it is now based in Leipzig, where it is operated on charter flights in full Sundair livery. 

The second aircraft is Airbus A320 with 9A-IRM registration. It was built in 2009 for Brazilian air carrier TAM (JJ/TAM), where it was operated with PR-MYF registration. From 2017 it was operated with VT-GOS registration for Indian air carrier GoAir (G8/GOW). FlyAir41 took it up on October 14th. It is painted in previous GoAir's livery with large blue Sundair titles. This aircraft is based in Bermen

The third aircraft is Airbus A320 with 9A-SHO registration. It was also built in 2009 for Air Arabia (A9/ABY) from United Arab Emirates, where it was operated with A6-ABQ registration. Since 2015 it was operated by Egyptian air carrier Air Cairo (SM/MSC) with SU-BSN registration. This aircraft (in the picture) is in all white colour without any titles and it is based in Düsseldorf