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Aircraft on Trade Air's PSO flights was changed

Written by: Ivan Stojaković.

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Trade Air Let L-410 Turbolet

Since Monday May 10th, PSO flights of Croatian air carrier Trade Aira (C3/TDR) are operated with Let L-410UVP-E Turbolet with OK-LRA registration. This aicraft is new in the fleet of Czech air carrier Van Air Europe (V9/VAA), which operates all PSO domestic flights for Trade Air.

This aircraft arrived yesterday from Brno (Czech Republic) to Osijek and already today it operates flights from Osijek to Zagreb, Pula and Split, and from tomorrow also to Rijeka and Dubrovnik. This aircraft was bulit in 1989. The previous owner was Czech air carrier LR Airlines (LRB) from Ostrava, which operated this aircraft for charter flights. Mr. Marko Cvijin, director and the owner of Trade Air, confirmed for Avioradar that this aircraft will now continue to operate their flights.