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12 European destinations on Croatia Airlines schedule in November

Written by Croatia Airlines.

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Croatia Airlines Airbus A319

Despite the epidemiological situation and flight cancellations by many companies, the national airline continues to fly, contributing to ensuring transport connections for passengers, but also for the entire Croatian economy.

In November this year, when the Winter Schedule is in force, Croatia Airlines continues to connect Croatia with European capitals and transport hubs, while air connections within Croatia will continue to be provided to passengers with domestic scheduled flights.

During November, the national airline's aircraft will connect Croatia directly with 12 international destinations (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Zurich, Brussels, Copenhagen, Rome, Munich, Vienna, Sarajevo, Skopje), while passengers from these transport hubs continue to be provided with convenient connecting flights around the world, especially on flights of Croatia Airlines' partners from Star Alliance.

In international regular traffic, the Croatian capital Zagreb will be directly connected to 12 European destinations, and Split with 2 European capitals, Frankfurt and Munich.

In domestic regular traffic, Croatia Airlines planes will connect Zagreb with Dubrovnik and Split, as well as Zadar and Pula.

In these extraordinary circumstances, in which the dynamics of business and flying are largely dictated by the coronavirus pandemic, Croatia Airlines confirmed that it represents a strategic part of Croatian transport infrastructure, enabling the country's continuous transport connection with the world and within national borders. The company's planes did not stop flying at any time, while during the peak of the tourist season they directly connected Zagreb with 14, Split with 11, and Dubrovnik with 7 international destinations.

Flight and passenger safety remains a priority in Croatia Airlines' operations. All protection measures, which the company implements against the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, are fully compliant with the decisions and recommendations of public health authorities and aviation authorities. For the entire aircraft crew, the use of protective equipment and means (masks, gloves, disinfectants) is mandatory, the air enters the passenger cabin of the aircraft from the atmosphere and is purified with the most modern filters, and the aircraft is continuously disinfected. Also, passengers are still required to wear face covers and masks throughout their stay in the passenger cabin, and disinfectant wipes are available.

It should be noted that due to the epidemic crisis, Croatia Airlines offers its passengers flexible conditions regarding the purchase of tickets and travel, and they have an unlimited number of changes to the date of travel free of charge, as well as refunds in the form of vouchers that can be exchanged for a new ticket for a period of one year from the date of issue. More detailed information can be obtained at the company's points of sale and the agent network, and they are also published on the company's website www.croatiaairlines.hr