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Maintenance organisation approval certificate for CRJ-1000

Written by: Avioradar.


Croatia Airlines got certified for line maintenance of Bobmardier CRJ-1000, which will again serve as an addition to its fleet during this summer season. Croatia Airlines also got certified for line and base maitenance of Airbus A318. 

You can read the statement in the text below.


Pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 2716/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council and to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014 for the time being in force and subject to the condition specified below, the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency hereby certifies: CROATIA AIRLINES d.d. Bani 75b, 10010 Zagreb as a maintenance organisation in compliance with section A of Annex il (Part 145) of Regulation (EY) No. 1321/2014, approved to maintain products, parts and appliances listed in the attached approval schedule and issue related certificates of release to service using the above references and when stipulated, to issue recommendations and airworthiness review certiicates after an airworthiness review as specitied in point MA.901() of Annex | (Part M) to the same Regulation for those aircraft listed in the attached approval schedule.


1. This approval is limited to that specitied in the scope of works section of the approved maintenance organisation exposition as referred to in Section A of Annex I (Part-145), and

2. This approval requires compliance with the procedures specified in the approved maintenance organisation exposition, and

3.This approval is valid whilst the approved maintenance organisation remains in compliance with Annex II (Part-145) of Regulation (EY) No. 1321/2014.

4.Subject to compliance with the foregoing conditions, this approval shall remain valid for an unlimited duration unless the approval has previously been surrendered, superseded, suspended or revoked.





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